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Investing in Real Estate
Real estate investing has been one of the most lucrative and proven vehicles for long-term wealth accumulation. Along with long-range equity investing and safe, short-term cash investments, most people should include some type of real estate in their investment mix.

Carlton Sheets
Carlton Sheets well-known No Down Payment program teaches you to jumpstart your real estate investment program. These real estate education courses have helped thousands of students achieve financial independence by teaching them the techniques needed to purchase their first home or investment property.
Foreclosurenet is an online foreclosure source used by homebuyers and investors. They offer over 20,000 foreclosure property listings throughout the USA and update the list frequently.

RealtyTrac, the leading provider of valuable information on "distressed" real estate, updates their data daily, and subscribers can search the database directly on the Internet. They are the largest national aggregator of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure information. RealtyTrac also provides subscribers with several tools to track and analyze property data.

REI Depot
Directory of real estate investing resources, including courses, books, tapes and more.

Make sure you take the time to invest in your own education. You can do this by taking a few extra courses or go on to earn another degree.

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Investing in Real Estate

One of your best money assets is to get a dependable financial consultant to help you out with tax and finance matters. A website like can help you find a good local accounting office to help you out.


If there is a particular real estate investment website that you have had really good success with, please let us know.