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Health Insurance for Individuals
Finding affordable health insurance for individuals can be a difficult, time-consuming and frustrating undertaking. The following sites offer services that may make your search for the right insurance a whole lot easier.
eHealthInsurance has established over 100 Carrier Relationships, with over 10,000 health insurance plans, covering 99% of the U.S. Population. eHealthInsurance is the leading source of health insurance for individuals and families both on and offline across the country.

Do you health insurance for just a short time period? Temporary health insurance is available for individuals and families who need it for short amounts of time. For example, people heading out of the country for a few weeks may purchase short term health coverage. Or, individuals between jobs or just out of college are also prime candidates too.

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Individual Health Insurance

e Health Insurance

Family coverage for affordable dental health insurance and dental plans.

Temporary health insurance quote for short term health coverage.