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Flexibility is Key in Personal Loans

When Henry Ford first was making the Model T, he was willing to sell it in any color as long as it was black. A one-color, one-model car was all the world needed back then, about 100 years ago.

But today we live in 86-flavors world. And not only does that work for ice cream, cars and cable TV channels, it works for financial services too. But only recently has the personal loans industry begun to broaden the ways in which people can borrow emergency cash.

Loans could be found online and at retail stores for payday loans. You could also get a cash advance on a credit card – at a nationally advertised (high) interest rate, and on the repayment terms that they offer everyone else. Only now are there credit loans available where you get to determine terms that work for you.

A good example is a personal loan. They come with four key advantages:

• You get a convenient and fast solution to immediate money needs, with loans worth up to $3000.
• You repay on the loan over several payments, not in one lump sum – using four to nine installments.
• Application online requires five minutes.
• Money is wired into your bank account in one day, eliminating agonizing wait time.

This way, if you need $1000, that’s what you can borrow. Or if $2000 or $2500 or $3000 is what you need, you can apply for those amounts (lender criteria for loan approval applies). And because only you know about your cash flow in the coming weeks and months, you can determine the best payoff schedule.

In most instances, these loans are requested to cover an unplanned, perhaps emergency expense. That emergency is already taking up time and probably psychic energy – your method of financing the emergency should not be nearly so taxing. Adaptable terms on the loan should go far toward alleviating stress.





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